Renovation kitchen in Fuengirola

This week we are working on the renovation of a kitchen in Fuengirola.

Kitchen renovation.

The renovation of the kitchen, will consist of a total change. The kitchen will open to the living room, expanding it. To do this, electricity and plumbing work will be carried out, to adapt it to the new dimensions of the kitchen and the new appliances.

Two plaque walls that now exist will be removed to open the kitchen to the living room. The tiles are removed from all walls to leave the wall smooth, painted with washable paint. It will also change the floor, putting one similar to the rest of the house.

Finally the new kitchen will be assembled. Although first you have to do all the work on floors and walls, as well as the adaptations of electricity and plumbing.

We leave you some photos with the work done, and the final result. A spectacular change.

You can follow the evolution of kitchen renewal work in our Facebookprofile.

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